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About me

Hello! I'm Jay.

I bring a new level of dedication to the craft of molding precise, effective teams. My 15+ years of experience leading executive operations and staff training and development make me a knowledgeable leader poised to transform challenges into opportunities that lead to lasting organizational impact.

I invite you to explore my history of accomplishments by browsing this site. I also invite you to open up a dialogue by connecting with me here or reaching out via e-mail at jay@wjayjones.com or via LinkedIn messaging.

What I Do
  • Employee Learning & Development

    This is what gets me excited. Reducing overall time-to-productivity for a team or new hire drives me to create and deliver powerful training.

  • Strategic Planning

    Part of developing a team is incorporating the goals of the final outcome. Where do we want to be? What skills will be needed to get there? I help answer those questions.

  • Program Design

    Designing a program or services requires inside and outside knowledge. What will the service provide? How can we get there faster and still maintain quality? These questions must be answered before starting a plan.

  • Performance Management

    What team members do everyday should be tied to their Performance Review. Too often, we use nebulous terms and definitions to measure results. Instead, measure the learning gap and train to close the gap. Grade performance on the amount of gap closure.

What My Peers Say
  • Web Design
  • Reading
  • Learning
  • Flipping
Fun Facts
  • Eagle Scout
  • Psi Chi Honor Society
  • Undergrad & Grad
  • VA to FL Keys Round Trip

Employment History

  • EAB (Royall & Company)
    Sep 2014 to Sep 2020

    Associate Director, Operations Training & Development

    Oversaw Operations-wide training with heavy emphasis on employee learning and new hire onboarding. Designed and implemented new training materials using modern and emerging technological and learning theory methods. Established multiple company-wide employee development programs and standardized onboarding experiences to create cohesive learning opportunities across operational departments. Carried over key client accounts into current role as primary point of contact and relationship manager.


    • Streamlined onboarding processes by collaborating with department heads to address training disparities, resulting in creation of universal Operations 101 syllabus.
    • Developed year-long Competency program with bi-weekly role-specific action items and incorporating Litmos LinkedIn Learning units to address employee engagement and professional development shortcomings.
    • Incorporated training into team meetings including Competency Focus training for soft skill development and added Data Life Cycle trainings open to all current employees and new hires.
    • Developed automated system within EAB proprietary client management software to prompt client data-input, improving long processing times and creating better administrative workflow and confidence.
    • Chosen to complete the EAB Emerging Leaders Workshop, a program recognizing and preparing team members for leadership roles within the organization.
  • reQuire, LLC
    Aug 2008 to Aug 2013

    Documentation & Training Specialist

    Administered new product line with oversight of employee and customer training guides as well as development of in-person and distance learning program development for up to 30 employees. Trained and staffed Operations Department with high-caliber professionals to advance organizational goals. Mastered distance learning tools including Camtasia, HelpStudio, and GoToMeeting to train employees and clients on proprietary tools and programs.


    • Designed training plan content and delivery for corporate website and proprietary CRM use, overcoming negative client satisfaction by factoring client and employee feedback into program development.
    • Raised customer service scores and shrank complaints within a quarter by implementing employee development program to re-train or reallocate staff.
    • Reduced annual travel costs for software installations and training by $150k through the development and implementation of online distance learning training guides and systems.
    • Slashed customer support calls from 15 to 1-2 per month with the creation of comprehensive technical training booklets for clients, including visual, written, and web-based input.
  • Capital City Enterprises, Inc.
    May 2012 to Present

    Vice President and Owner

    Oversee operations, financial, budget, and administrative management and project planning including website design and management for technology consultancy business.

  • VeteranAid.org, LTD
    Aug 2006 to Sep 2015

    Vice President and Owner

    Oversaw financial and administrative operations of successful 501(c)(3) non-profit from inception, growing site to #1 resource for an under-promoted veteran VA benefit. Sold company in 2015 for $310k.


Additional experience as Senior Training Manager at PepsiCo and Vice President / Owner of Logistics Transportation Company, Inc.

Software Proficiencies
  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • Litmos LMS
  • Confluence Wiki
  • Camtasia/Video Authoring
Technical Skills
  • PHP
  • MongoDB

Work Samples

Personal and workplace information has been redacted for privacy.

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I look forward to connecting with you.